Stuff I Support

I like to support people, businesses and causes that I feel add value to people's lives. Please visit some of the links below.

TED - This is without a doubt my favorite site right now. Select from any of the short talks given by some of the world's greatest minds and most interesting people and be prepared to learn something interesting or have your life changed in 18 minutes or less. Joining this site is free and frequenting this site regularly can do nothing but improve your life and stimulate your mind. Do a search on Sir Ken Robinson's talk titled Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity. If you watch just this one talk, you'll thank me. And the site contains a seemingly endless variety of talks as well as interesting discussion among members.

Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy - A K-5 public elementary school with 240 students in San Francisco. As a result of this year’s budget cuts, HMCRA has only $32 for supplies for the entire school year! Donations are badly needed to assure that every student has the supplies they need. Gift cards are particularly practical! Contact me directly if you'd like to arrange to send them a gift card or extra supplies you have hanging around. I have a list of what they need. Or, go to their PayPal page and donate directly. Tell them I sent you!

Triangle Martial Arts Association - A martial arts group based in San Francisco that's open to men and women of all ages, races and orientations. Great people and they do a lot of good.

Kiva - This site lets you lend money to a specific entrepreneur in the developing world, empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty. Very cool site that does a lot of good. Watch Bill Clinton's explanation of Kiva on the site's home page.

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