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Notice! Due to a packed scheduled and heavy workload in other areas of my life, I'm not currently taking on any new résumé projects at this time.

"As a professional technical writer, I knew I could write well, but my résumé wasn't getting any interest from hiring managers. Race Bannon turned my résumé around to highlight my accomplishments as well as my experience. With the first submission of my new résumé, I got an immediate call from a hiring manager."
- A satisfied client, March 2006

Thank you for your interest in my résumé writing services. I hope you will give me the chance to help you get a great job.

Professional Résumé Writing Services
Business Hours and Communications
Pricing and What You Get

Professional Résumé Writing Services

Many ask why hire a professional résumé writer? Well, even if you are the perfect candidate for a position, someone less qualified might get the job because their résumé was written more skillfully. It happens all the time. Many people think that since they know their jobs well and have adequate (or even excellent) communication skills, they can prepare their own résumés.

But when writing about themselves, people tend to undersell their backgrounds, skills and abilities. In addition, 98% of résumés created by unskilled professionals lack several of the most important ingredients. As a result, many great opportunities are missed.

Most people who write their own résumés are unsure of how to best present their strengths, downplay their weaknesses, and appeal to employer needs. Common mistakes include the omission of important information or strategic sections, the inclusion of irrelevant (or ill-advised) details, a shortage of keywords, a failure to emphasize transferable skills, a lack of a specific career focus, and an uninviting page design. And, perhaps most critically, the majority of applicants write "task-oriented" résumés as opposed to "achievement-based" résumés.

Some job seekers regard the résumé as just a piece of paper. But in today's highly competitive job market, where the typical nationally advertised position will receive literally hundreds of responses, it takes an effective résumé to get interviews. Think of it this way—a $1 bill and a $1,000 bill are both "just paper" too. But like a résumé, their value is determined by what is printed on that piece of paper.

Your résumé is one of the most important documents you will ever create. This make-or-break marketing tool is what stands between whether an employer will call you for an interview or pass you by. So hiring a professional résumé writer can help you:

•  Win more interviews.
•  Maximize your strengths.
•  Stand out from the crowd.
•  Land a great job sooner.
•  Elevate your earnings potential.
•  Solve tough job search challenges.
•  Succeed in transitioning to a new career.

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Business Hours and Communications

I conduct all consultations and communications by email. There is never a need to travel to my office, making the entire process easy and convenient for you. Usually all of the required communications can take place using just email through the use of a detailed questionnaires and other email exchanges. However, I may schedule a phone conversation, even if only brief, while preparing the résumé. In certain instances there's no replacement for a bit of conversation about your background and future career goals when preparing a resume. And if you opt to answer all of my questions directly rather than by filling out my questionnaire, then at least one phone call is required.

Presently, I am a senior manager in a large corporation and conduct my résumé business during evenings and weekends. This has proven to be a desired schedule for most clients because it doesn't conflict with the typical daytime work schedule. Since the vast majority of my clients communicate with me entirely through email, business hours don't matter much anyway. Many clients also feel that my daytime position as a corporate manager adds to my skills because I am up-to-date on current hiring practices.

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As an active member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association, I have been trained in the latest résumé writing techniques and uphold their standards of excellence to which members must comply. I'm also a professional freelance writer and a senior manager overseeing a staff of professional writers in a large corporation. I know the realities of today's job marketplace and have the skills and experience to produce quality résumés.

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Pricing and What You Get

My prices for a professionally written résumé delivered to you in Microsoft Word and text-only format (suitable for emailing within the body of an email or posting to an online job web site) are as follows:

Microsoft Word version of résumé created with completed questionnaire.
Target job salary less than $60,000/year = $150.
Target job salary greater than $60,000/year = $250.

Microsoft Word version of résumé created with phone interview.
(client pays phone charges)
Target job salary less than $60,000/year = $200.
Target job salary greater than $60,000/year = $300.

Text-only version of résumé for emails and job board posting.

Résumé Updates
Pricing depends on extent of update and quoted after the extent of update assessed.

Payment can be made by mailing me a check or online using PayPal or by credit card (through PayPal).

The main differentiators in pricing are (1) do you complete the questionnaire yourself or do I complete it during a phone interview with you, and (2) the target salary for the prospective jobs you might seek. In all cases it is preferable for me to also see any previous résumé you've used in the past. Pricing assumes the résumé is delivered to you by email and that you'll handle all printing and copies. No two people or situations are alike. Therefore, if you have unique needs, final pricing of my services will be quoted upon learning of your specific needs. Payment can be made by cash or check. (Acceptance of payment by PayPal/credit cards coming soon.)

Because of my commitment to my daytime job, I don't accept rush assignments. And even if I had the ability to offer rush services, I don't think I would. I find extending the process a bit longer allows me to hone a résumé to a better result. I ask my clients to allow a full two weeks to receive their résumé.

National Résumé Writers Association

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